We’re Helen, Richard, Henry & Sebastian Lee, welcome to our blog!

In 2013 we bought a derelict house with a neglected garden and attempted to renovate both at once… not content with that kind of stress, we were also filmed for the show Big Dreams Small Spaces which followed our garden project and gave us the incredible opportunity of meeting and learning from Monty Don!


The show went out in 2014 where we presented our little vegetable garden, with raised beds, chickens, compost bins and a healthy crop of fruit and vegetables!

In 2015 our lives turned upside down with the arrival of our first son, Henry! We quickly introduced him to the garden and he’s been outside ever since!

In 2017 our lives turned upside down again with the arrival of our second son, Sebastian!

In 2018 we took the opportunity to live for six months in France, which we relished.

Inspired by the experience of living a different way of life, we decided to then pursue a long held dream of ours to live in the West Country, and in October 2018 the four of us set up home in Devon.

Here we have a small cottage garden which we intend to develop this year into an ‘edible landscape’.

We hope you’ll continue to follow our journey!


  1. Hi Jacqui!

    Thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comment!

    I’m loving finding new blogs and pages on Facebook, yours certainly makes for fascinating reading! We’re very new at all this, so we’re looking for tips and advice! 🙂

    Helen x

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